Sunday, 2 October 2011

Over the past two weeks my life has gone from one extreme to the other. With in that two weeks I have Interviewed some amazing bands. My biggest moment was my interview with Frank Turner which I am sure most have read by now. I can not express how proud I felt to be interviewing such an inspirational artist.

So the news is that starting in the new year I am going to be starting an Ivory Faces music zine for anyone and everyone to purchase. I am in talks with a few people who have offered to help and will know more after this weekend. Its all in the planning stages and I am so excited about this.

The zine will included local and worldwide bands, record labels, events and tours dates for bands that I and others love. It will be full of band photos, reviews and so much more. 

So keep an eye as one day you may find my zine in your local music store or venue.


Photos by Ivory Faces Photography

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