Sunday, 9 October 2011

Picture taken by Ivory Faces Photography

In a shabby wee beer garden at the back of one of Northampton's locals The Vic I meet with a tall bearded chap dressed from head to toe in white. Being mocked for his Jesus like exterior I sit down with Julian Stone, front man to 'JJ Stone & The Campfire' to do a nice intimate face to face interview. 

As always I open the interview with a friendly how are you?

Very nice day, thanks. Yeah, I'm doing pretty well and always happy regardless of the weather when I have a gig day!

I understand that you were 10 years old when you first found your love for music. Can you remember the first song you tried to learn on the guitar?

I can't remember the exact song but I remember learning how to play ZZ Top and Dire Straits songs.

Do you have plan to form a bigger band with more instruments?

Yes, I have plans for a full band but at the moment and probably for the rest of the year I'll be performing just with an acoustic set up! The newer songs will have a band feel towards them but I'm still trying to find the right people to play them.

You have just released a compilation album with the label Serious Types. Tell me how this came about?

Serious Types are good friends of mine and they like my music. It was a no-brainer when they asked if I'd like to be on their album. 

When do you plan to release your EP?

An EP of mine will be the next release on the label. It's just a case of getting the art work together at the moment. Once that's done, we'll get a release date for later in the year... Hopefully!

Who would you say your influences are when it comes to writing music?

My influences vary. But I love John Prine, Gilian Welch & Dave Rawlings. But the list can go on for hours! 

Can you tell me any interesting things that have happened so far? Any ‘crazy’ moments whilst at gigs etc?

Many things have happened to me that are pretty crazy over the years. I can't really think of any that I'd like to mention right now but Adam Ant came to one of my gigs earlier in the year.... That probably wasn't crazy but certainly strange!!

What do you plan to from here? Festivals? 

Festival are most certainly on the cards but that'll obviously be for 2012. Next year I'll obviously have the EP out but hopefully an album will be out by then too. So I'll have stuff to promote and gigs are going to be a plenty next year.

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