Monday, 21 November 2011

Dallas Green born in Ontario, Canada is a heartwarming musician who graces us with the captivating sounds that are more commonly known as City and Colour. For those select few that are more familiar with Dallas from the post-hardcore band ‘Alexisonfire’, City and Colour may be quite a different yet welcoming surprise to the ears - Many people do however enjoy both for very different reasons (much like myself!). Around 2005 was when Dallas first began his solo project alongside Alexisonfire - The name quite simply came from the fact that Dallas is a City and Green is a Colour. His first music video featured the song ‘Save Your Scissors’ which appeared on the beautiful album ‘Sometimes’ which flows sweet acoustic melodies and lyrics that you can’t help but fall a little bit more in love with every-time they enter your ears. Dallas also went on to release a live CD/DVD early March 2007, later following with a new full length studio album named ‘Bring Me Your Love’. This bought a slightly different sound as we began to discover the route he began traveling on, bringing sounds of organs, harmonicas and banjos, which also brought a more professional sound to his music. More recently he released an album entitled ‘Little Hell’ which has a slightly different sound to his previous albums, but the songs and their lyrics comprehend a deeper, more personal side to his life. For example, ‘Fragile Bird’ was the first single released from the 2011 album, which is about his wife and her ‘night terrors’, which for people who are unsure of the meaning, are terrible nightmares which can cause severe problems sleeping.
Not only would I describe Dallas as an incredible musician, but also a poet, author and an artist, each song is a perfect masterpiece that sinks into your skin and races through your blood giving you that warm feeling you long for on a cold day. I almost guarantee that you would find a song, whatever album that may be from, that would suit your mood on that particular day. Aside that, we also have a genuine guy who never expected fame, he never even expected people to be interested in his music, yet he’s loved by many, and you can just tell he appreciates those who support his music, which is a sure sign to me of a true musician who deserves the most credit he can get. 
Article written by guest writer Emily Harris.

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