Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Recently I have had a thing for music that has left me feeling the emotions of a widowed women. Bring about that heart wrenching 'that man has run away with my heart' feeling. 

Well Carly Maicher does this for me. Although she is a young women, Carly is what can only referred to as an 'old wondering soul'. Her songs full of the tortures of heart break but with a touch of uncertainty and longing. Full of the struggles of maintaining a positive mind during such hopeless times. A stunning album in its own right, 'Hiding' is a perfect album for those cold isolated evenings in front of fire with your favourit bottle of wine or for those long solo drives to where ever. 

To add to Carlys beautiful creativeness you can also order an album and it will come to you in a wonderful hand sown case created by the beauty herself.
'Take me with you so I don't have to miss you'
Carly Maicher Bandcamp

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