Saturday, 4 February 2012

Recently I have found writing reviews of bands some what tricky. I have all this enthusiasum for a band, yet when it comes to writing down how I truly feel about them my brain turns into a mass of words and nothing really seems to form into a complete paragraph. However when it came to the Library Voices this war with my mind was far from a perdicament.

It was only last September that I was wishing the my music collection would be graced with a, 'lets not kill ourselves' type of sound. The reason the Library Voices do so well is because they are the complete opposite of todays down right boring and suicidle cultural music. They kind of smack you in the heart with a " Hey there! We love our lifes" kinda punch. Something I have been looking for for sometime now. 

If you have ever heard of this happy go lucky bunch of guys and girl you will know all too well the kind of punch I a refering to and their most recent album Summer of Lust really provides you with a good bashing. 

If you’re looking for something mellow and easy-listening to help you sleep at night, Summer of Lust is NOT the album you want to try and fall into a deep sleep to.  Mostly because it will have you 'clapping, tapping and throwing an all out dance-party in your bedroom', which is not really going to help you with a good nights rest.

 It screams out "lets dance, get drunk and make sweet love to life" and is in no way a dissapointment. The energy flows through out the whole album. With the second actual song on the album 'Generation Handclap' couldn't have been a better song to add to this masterpiece of an album. With it comes a song full of horns, drums and lyrics, that in my opinion deserve an award. Referencing the way most our generation today only really cares about itself and with that comes a generation of whiners. “We stand for nothing, sugar. This is generation drunk text. Going to love you like a cherub, going to leave you like a lap dance. Oh! You want to save the world! You keep pouring out your heart but all I ever hear is ooooohhh…

Its not every day you come across a band that thats music and lyrics really fit fantastically with their name. I hear you ask how and yes maybe their music isn’t quite right for a library setting, but Library Voices have spent some time with their noses in books that is clear lyrically.  Their music is littered with as much literature references as their songs are littered with synth, omnichord and theremin.

So if you want something to listen to in the car that will actually have you winding down the window, even in minus tempretures, singing out loud and clapping whilst sitting at traffic lights (this is all from experience) then Library Voices are the band for you. (However be sure to take care on the roads when listening, I don't want my recommendation to cause any deaths). I can not express how truly amazing this band is and of course this is only my opinion. Lets just see what the future holds for this darn right superb bunch of 'pop gypsies'.

Be sure to check out their next tour dates and lets get these guys over here in the UK, yes?

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