Monday, 13 February 2012

When I think of The Karpinka Brothers, not only do I think of warm winter nights sitting by the fire with a hot coco in one hand and good old fashioned romantic novel in the other, I also think of how truly wonderful these brothers are. Not only do they produce heart warming, charming and pure songs but they also have the ability to make your heart skip a beat with glee as they enter a room. Full of passion for life, these to brothers are the soul of Saskatoon, SK, Canada's music scene and I feel proud to have had the chance to interview them. Although this is only a short warm up interview. I wanted to prepare the boys for a even bigger interview over a bottle of red wine or two when I return to their home town in June. So enjoy getting to know The Karpinka Brothers, I know I did. Truly the two most charming and beautiful people I have ever met. Enjoy.

Q1. Thank you for excepting the offer of taking part in one of Ivory Faces music interviews. How are you both today?

SK: Wonderful.
AK: Just peachy.

Q2. So for all those that don’t know The Karpinka Brothers why not give us a insight into who the K-Bros are.

AK: We are two gentleman who play music with acoustic guitars and harmonize. Sometimes we perform as a duo. Sometimes we have a radical backing band with us.
SK: And yes, we are actually brothers even though Aaron looks Mexican. We're best friends as well.

Q3. What was it like growing up in Saskatoon, CA? How has life changed for you in the past 2 years?

AK: I grew up in Mexico.
SK: He's lying. We love Saskatoon and we're proud to have lived here our whole lives. There's a real sense of family and community among the musicians here. Life is the same, although we've had many opportunities to play our music here which we're so grateful for.

Q4. From what age did you both realise you wanted to play music?

AK: Around 8 years old. I saw the movie La Bamba and wanted to rock like Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly. Also I thought the Muppets were amazing and Michael J. Fox shredding it up in Back To The Future inspired me to sling an axe.
SK: Since I was a kid too. The first song I learned to play was "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana.

Q5. You released an album back in 2009 I believe? Since the release how have you progressed as a band?

AK: Our first album was recorded as a demo to get shows. We stood in our socks, didn't use headphones, and recorded 18 songs in 10 hours. 13 of the songs went on the album. It began circulating and people liked it. We released it because we were proud of it. Since then we have progressed as much as any band would who works at music every day from 2008 until 2012. I would describe us as more up beat and less traditional these days. There is a lot more dancing at our shows.
SK: We also play with a band now, and they're on our second album. We're so honoured to have Ryan Drabble from Slow Down, Molasses on drums, and Enver Hampton on bass, who was voted Saskatoon's favourite bass player, for good reason. They're incredible musicians and people, and great friends.

Q6. What would you say has been the most memorable gig for you to date?

AK: Easily playing at Gordon Lightfoot's concert here in Saskatoon. It was a surreal moment where I stood two feet from a legend and talked to him about music. He seemed to like us. Imagine being a young Jedi in training and meeting Obi Wan Kenobi.
SK: The other would be playing a Christmas show at a care home we play often here, hearing a choir of their voices in the audience singing with us.

Q7. If you could perform with any artist, dead or alive who would it be?

AK: Feist. And then I would hit on her.
SK: Bruce Springsteen, our hero. When I was a kid, I'd pretend I was him in the video to "Dancin In The Dark." Full circle.

Q8. What can we hope to expect from the K-Bros and the band this year?

AK: An album on CD and vinyl called "There's A Light" and as many shows we can do. We plan to tour as much as we can.
SK: Touring will be a new adventure for us. We love playing in Saskatoon but can't wait to play other cities. We're proud of our album and excited for everyone to hear it.

Fan question:

Q1. How does the older brother/younger brother dynamic influence your music? - From an anonymous fan

AK: We know were the line is. We don't cross it....but I tap dance all over it like Sammy Davis Jr.
SK: We write everything together, and it makes something special that each of us on our own wouldn't write, even if Aaron is tap dancing.

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