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30th September 2011- The Labour Club
Record Label: Serious Types

Electric blue Christmas lights light the stage. Three humble characters appear to take their places. They begin and my eyes light up. I can feel all the hairs on my neck standing on end and I find myself fixed on every word and I smile to myself. Each song full of love and life, JJ Stone & The Campfire are a three piece that I find myself drifting into another world with. With the ability to transform a shabby old pub into a vibrant atmosphere with their on stage banter and sincerity. A glorious evening with JJ Stone & The Campfire.

Rating:  9/10

Recommended times for listening:

Dinner parties
Cosy winter nights
Passionate nights with a lover 
Long car journeys 

Photograph not taken by me

8th October 2011- The Labour Club
Acoustic / Alternative / Folk

What can I say about this band. How about I start with this word, SUBLIME! Recently I have watched a few bands that have frankly just left me asking what the hell I wasted my time and money on, but An Escape Plan really made my week. 

Taking the stage at Northamptons, Labour Club the band owned the night for me.  With a stunning entrance the band perform what seemed an effortless set of mind blowing songs that left me with my chin hitting the floor.  Each song building up from tranquil to an epic finish with a clash of  instruments and harmonised voices. An Escape Plan will leave anyone in the crowd wanting more. So keep an eye on my tour page for their next gig date, its bound to be SUBLIME! 

Rating: 8/10

Recommended times for listening:

Chilling out with a bottle of beer
Around a campfire

18th October 2011- The Labour Club
Rock/Alternative/ Pop Punk
Record Label: Alcopop

The Attika State. This five-piece showed off their talents last night at Northampton's Labour Club. With a strong front man Rudi Barella  the band play a set of fast paced pop punk.

Compared to the likes of Million Dead, Jimmy Eat World and the Get Up Kids the band played to a rather small crowd but they didn't let this effect them. The Attika State bought The Labour Club to life with feet tapping movements and endearing British vocals.  Performing a tight performance with bags of energy and a luscious pop-punk charm.

In the next few weeks I shall BE interviewing the band so please keep an eye out for their interview feature on the main page. To end this review I can honestly say this band left me wanting to hear more. 

Rating: 9/10

Recommended times for listening:

Cold winter evenings
Get ready music
House Parties
Car Journeys on the way to festivals

4th November 2011- The Bradlaugh

J.P.Brook & The Feel Good Band, one of Northamptons finest take the floor at the Charles Bradlaugh for their first ever full band performance.

After a few weeks of anticipation I finally got to see J.P.Brook & The Feel Good Band. When I found out the band were playing at The Bradlaugh I was uncertain as to whether the venue would be the right place for the boys and my expectations were high, but boy were my expectations met.

Front man Jaydon takes the stage and plays two songs alone before calling out "Shall we bring on the Feel Goods" and with those words a whole band formed before my eyes. With each song came a voice full of honesty, charm and passion. A voice claimed to be similar to the wonderful Bruce Springsteen Lyrics influenced by his surroundings and experiences front man Jaydon uses every ounce of his being to bring each song to life. With catchy lyrics that entice the audience into feeling each and every emotion that the songs portray.

Lets not forget the Feel Goods. With out the band J.P.Brook is great but with the band J.P.Brook are astounding, tight and as far as I can tell on the road to great things. Another triumph to come out of Northampton.

 I wait for even more anticipation for a album to be released. Hurry up boys.

Rating: 9/10

Recommended times for listening:

Cold winter evenings
Those moments when walking alone
Car music

J.P.Brook & The Feel Good Band Facebook

26th November 2011- The Penny Whistle

"Waist coats, moustaches and top hats were the delights of this weekends review."
To put Roots In Revolution into a genre is something that will take some time and pondering due to the simple fact they fall into a range of genres, however for the time being I shall categorise them as 'rock', what ever that maybe...

Tonights performance came about as part of a charity event to raise money for cancer. With a crowd of over 100 the boys took the stage. Whilst the sound wasn't great and a few minor bum notes were made, lead singer AJ and the band put on quiet a performance.With his hip rotations and pouting lips he sang with honesty and passion. Lyrics that conjured up the hearts emotions whilst bringing a dark edge to each song with the help of crashing drums and simple yet effective guitar riffs.
I pride myself on honesty and as much as I loved their performance I do feel that there are a few minor bits that need to ironed out in order to make this band stand out. Once the motions get moving I can really see the band coming into their own and performing a better show. So watch this space music lovers you may just be surprised with whats to come from the Roots In Revolution boys.

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