Thursday, 22 September 2011

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I recently got in touch with a super solo artist called Matt Emery, after having his name bought up in a conversation with fellow artist Katie Malco.  

Whilst Matt is currently in a splendid band called Stagecoach (highly recommended) he takes time out of his busy schedule with the band to create beautiful heartfelt songs that anyone who has ever been in love can relate to.  Beautiful simple acoustic sounds and overlaping haunting harmonies make his songs twist the heart in all directions that you are left not just in a mass on the floor but with a smile the 'size of Britain' across your face.

Matt also creates wonderful atmospheric pieces of music that leave you creating your own movie in your head. With influences from the likes of  Max Richter, Olafur Arnalds, Deftones, Bjork, Radiohead, Matt creates beautiful songs and music that would leave any girl crushing at his feet.

Matt was kind enough to do a small interview for me and I can say that it has been a pleasure talking with such a enthusiastic character such as himself and I see wonderful future prospects for this chappy. 


Hey! I’m Very good thanks, just watched Warrior at the cinema, I go to the big screen at least once a week and thought it was maybe my film of the year so far, so I’m quite buzzin’ and a little emotional right now.

2. What has recently been on your mind?

Mainly riffs and melodies, I’m in the middle of working on not one but 2 albums, one solo, one Stagecoach.
So: 96% music 3% films 1% girls (not that I have one or am close to having one) 

3. Not only are you a one man band but you are in a super band called Stagecoach. How do you manage to separate your time between the two?

It’s all been quite easy at the moment, as I don’t have to depend on anyone else but me for solo work, so I can practice whenever I want, record whenever I want, so that fits round Stagecoach real nice. Just got to keep a close eye of gig schedules to make sure nothing clashes.

4. Who would you say your influences are?

Ooh I could write a million. These are my select few that made the cut: Max Richter, Olafur Arnalds, Deftones, Bjork, Radiohead.
But I love such a mega selection of music crossing most genres going. 

Also been loving all of this this year: Big Deal, Beast Coast, Talons, Pulled Apart By Horses, Baths, My First Tooth, Tall Ships, Hold Your Horse Is, Bo Ningen, Health, Johann Johannsson

5. As a solo artist, do you see yourself touring other far off places USA etc?

Sure! Getting up on stage performing live is all quite new at the moment solo wise, as its always been more based in the studio, but I’d love to go to USA and Japan most of all, but I think Europe would realistically come first, I hope to do at least France next year, but see how that works out

6. When can we expect to hear a Matt Emery album? 

I’m writing for it now, well demo-ing and writing pretty much every day, I want to record about 30 songs at my house, then try and get someone to give me money to go and record it all nicely with proper grand pianos, proper strings and choirs.
7. You have recently worked with the likes of Katie Malco. How did this come about and how was it?

Through the lovely record label Alcopop! I played a gig in Oxford (in G&D’s ice cream shop amazing place) for Alcopop actually, anyway after the gig I stayed at Jack Alcopop’s Place (Alcopop HQ) we stayed up drinking till like 5am, listened to music and talked about music, we were discussing all things Alcopop when Katie’s name got mentioned, mutual love of course, I’ve known Katie for a while and Jack had just signed her. He liked the idea of doing a split and tour with a couple of alcopop artists before her EP hits in October, so I said I’d like to do that, Warren from Attika was also game, we recorded our tracks, did a 2 week tour, and had the loveliest of times. 

8. One piece of advice for budding musicians like yourself?

I think just be polite, nice and respectful to all the bands, soundmen, promoters you meet along the way. If your good and put in enough hard work you will get noticed. 

Some non band related quotes:

Matt adds, "Nike says it best: Just Do It"

Thank you to Matt Emery.

9. If you could spend your life doing something, what would it be? Obvious question?

Haha! Urm..........Music! Obvs!

10. Fav quote of all time.

‘Me n Jenny were like Pea’s n Carrots’ by Forrest Gump (cos that’s just lovely)

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