Thursday, 22 September 2011

."A luminous follow up **** Uncut

." artist who is meant for great things" - Oxford Music Blog

"One of Briton’s brightest exponents of Americana” – Mercury Prize Recommends 

"Like a youthful Neil Young." 8/10 Americana UK

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South London's very own Mat Gibson took the stage at the Windmill, Brixton this month and blew me away. After living in Quebec, Canada for 2 years he returns to release a mini album 'Forest Fire' on recently established UK-based Americana label Clubhouse Records, on 3rd October.

Mat's ability to leave you breathless after every song is overwhelming. He writes of the world in a way that most find hard to accept, so choose to ignore or fight. ‘Lord Only Knows’ the opening track to his debut album features the lyrics “the world is screwed and there's nothing we can do about it, '…for all that we've fought, can't change a damn thing.” True words that touch the heart. Mat’s subtle and reminiscent lyrics explore complex and contemporary themes with a symbolic approach.

It is clear that Mat Gibsons experience of life in North-Eastern Canada has been a massive influence on the new album and this is clear in so many ways. The listener is transported into the eyes and mind of Mat and you find yourself believing that you could have been there, experiencing life in a new way.

'Forest Fire' is out on 3rd October on Clubhouse Records, it includes the single 'Yonder Burning Trees' which is available for free download from

For more details of tour dates visit or contact

A sample for your ears to be graced with.

 Forest Fire (Sampler) by Mat Gibson 

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