Tuesday, 20 September 2011

This band are rapidly approaching the throne of one of the best alternative bands around. - ARTROCKER.

They exude confidence and power - pounding drums, huge riffs, heavy basslines and rough, British vocals amount to a big presence. - ROCKSOUND.

Very Brilliant. - FRONT MAGAZINE.

Take their name from a Hella album title, but sound more like an assault from Shellac and McLusky round the back of a bus stop. - DAZED & CONFUSED.

They're brash, they're loud, they're bloody amazing. - KERRANG! RADIO.

A rampant, unrelenting attack of pure audible joy. - THE 405.

 This week I had the great pleasure of getting in touch with the members of HYHI and doing a small little interview with them. I myself have yet to see the boys life but as soon as I get the chance I shall be storming their next gig, camera in hand and my ears open. I quote from their facebook page "HYHI is about fun, being loud and playing fast, and sometimes being Super....Duper Serial" Check out the low down on the band below and then move your butts to their facebook page to hear their crackin tunes.

1. How has life been treating you?

Pretty well, we've recorded an album which we're super happy about. It's just going through the mixing/artwork/pressing stages. Other than that we're all working jobs to pay for such a ridiculously expensive hobby! haha!
2. How did Hold Your Horse is become a band?

Robin and myself we're in bands in our local area and we decided we wanted to play music together, so we set about ending our previous bands!. We started out as a 2 piece, but then a few months later got JPOB (James Penny On Bass) to join! 

3. Obvious question, where did the name of the and come from?

It's the name of an album by a rad band called Hella. There's more to it, but that's a really boring story.

4. Any plans to tour other parts of the world?

The plans the are there, the funds are not. We'd love to but it's very hard to do! If anyone wants to lose a load of money on a band touring Europe get in touch yes?

5. I see you have a few gigs coming up, any you are particulaly looking forward to?

Kingston will be fun, I'm playing in 2 bands that night. HYHI obviously and for an awesome singer/songwriter called Katie Malco.
Southampton will be rad too, we've never been to Milton Keynes, always driven through it! Later in the year we'll be in Scotland which is always sweet treats!

6. What would you like for the future, in terms of the band?

Same old same old - Progress, get rich, buy a boat, repeat!

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