Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Picture taken by Ivory Faces Photography

'My Life's Not Much Like A Noval'

In a dingy back room at the back of Northampton's Roadmender I met with front man Stephen Davidson. As I walked in to the room in a state of overwhelming nerves a smell of takeaway hit me like a express train and sitting on a rather small couch was a tall fella with a smile. Stephen Davidson was not only a great guy to interview even in a hungover state, but a true gent.  

For a 8 years the band have laid dormant in the shadows as they dealt with everyday life situations, but they are back with a brand new album 'The Wages of Fear'. Songs bursting at the seams with evidence that the past 8 years have had their ups and down. With these trials and tribulations comes a well structured record that positively shows that it was worth waiting for.  

For change I decided that I would post the interview as a recording for you all to listen to. Stephen was full of enthusiasm and writing the interview up would have caused that enthusiasm to be lost. So here we have it. Enjoy and please check out Stephen and the band here:

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