Thursday, 27 October 2011

Yesterday whilst storming the net for ideas on how to progress with the website I came across Green Couch Sessions. Much like Balcony TV, The Monograph Sessions and The Punt Sessions, Green Couch are based in Vancouver BC where they meet, greet and ask bands and artists to sit upon their 3 seater green couch and play a couple of songs in random locations. 

Recently Green Couch had a recent feature of mine Library Voices sitting on the couch and boy was that a treat to watch. As a new fan of the band myself I watched the video with a eager look on my face, hoping they would play my favourite song of theres. Alas they did not but I was far from disappointed as they did a perfectlty splendid cover of  OH Yoko by John Lennon.

After spending about an hour watching some of their well put together videos I decided I would get in touch with Green Couch and let them know I would be doing a little feature of them on Ivory Faces and what a warm reception I got back. So please everyone check out the amazing Green Couch Sessions and find yourself loving them as much as I now do. 

Green Couch Sessions Facebook

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