Monday, 28 November 2011

Grab yourself a warm drink be it tea, coffee or hot coco, put on your slippers and light a fire and take time out to listen to some lovely folk bought to you by the truely delicious, The Never Surprise. A duo from Vancouver, Canada the boys perform heart warming songs that could kindle any heart.

Their story really begins in 2008 when the boys found themselves living as neighbours on the same street. David Gaudet and Nick Eakins had previously worked together but when Nick decided to move away Gaudet continued on in Ottawa, releasing a critically acclaimed solo EP. Gaudet’s solo project earned him a CBC Galaxie Rising Star Award in 2007. Once again the boys are back as a duo and producing music that could 'warm the cockles of the heart.' Having recently released an album 'The Never Surprise' the boys are set to start 2012 on a high note.

 Q. Thanks for agreeing to do an interview for Ivory Faces. How are you today?

TNS – we’re doing fine thank you. and yourself?

Q. For all those that do not know who The Never Surprise are, could you possibly provide a little insight into who you are.

TNS – we are a duo from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We make songs that we hope you will consume for your personal enjoyment.

Q. I understand that you have recently released your debut album ‘The Never Surprise’? How have things changed or progressed for the band since its release?

TNS - well things seem to be moving along pretty well. We’re fairly new to Vancouver and since putting out the record we’ve been playing more and more. We like to think the snowball has begun to roll, but it’s still very close to the top of the hill.

Q. Is there any recent experience that you can think of that kind of...changed you or had an impact on you. Maybe it was a joint experience that effected the band?

TNS – we were lucky enough to be chosen as part of the top 20 in a competition, put on by a local radio station, called the Peak Performance Project. We were able to meet and learn from a slew of Canadian industry professionals. From a networking and educational perspective, we were very lucky to be part of it. 

Q. Were there any main influences artistically when you were writing the album?

TNS – it’s hard to name influences without feeling like your credibility and music IQ is on the line. In reality though our influences are constantly in flux. One day we’ll be all about one band or songwriter, and the next day it’ll be someone else. You’re really getting pulled in lots of directions all the time. I guess we try to find songs that sound like a balance of those influences. How’s that for a bullshit non-answer answer? 

Q. When you aren’t taking on the challenges and joys of being a band, what do you get up to?

TNS – we watch hockey, then criticize hockey players, and we go to shows and criticize musicians. And we stare each other and criticize ourselves.

Q. I found you through the wonderful Green Couch Sessions. How was your experience with them and has it bought to you a new crowd of followers?

TNS – they were so awesome! We really think the green couch folks need to be recognized for their contribution to the Vancouver music community. They work like dogs, and it seems like their whole lives are devoted to supporting local music. Love them!

Q. So its not that long till the New Year. Do you have any plans to take yourselves further a field and maybe jump the pond and tour Europe?

TNS – we are definitely planning on doing another recording in the new year. Not sure if it’ll be an EP or full length or what, but we’re excited about that. We would love more than anything to be able to come to Europe and play music. We hear nothing but good things about music fans over there. No i
 immediate plans, but fully on our career wish list.

Q. What would you say was your most memorable gig for The Never Surprise?

TNS – we played a show at the drake hotel in Toronto as part of NXNE . it was part of our cd release tour last summer. We played well, were well received and were just totally stoked to be part of the festival.

Q. Do you have any advice you would like to offer any other bands?

TNS – advice? Hmmm .. don’t be crappy..

Q. Lastly if you could describe the band in two words. What would they be?

TNS – Dave, Nick.

Thanks! For looking us up!

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