Sunday, 27 November 2011

This feature has been long over due. Just over a month ago I had the great pleasure of meeting John J Presley. Currently in the process of recording a album John and his band ventured to Northampton to play a gig at Northamptons, Charles Bradlaugh. Playing along side Ivory Faces featured artist J.P Brook and the Feel Good Band. Hiding behind his mass of hair, John J Presley bought an edgy dark feel to the Bradlaugh bring us listeners some, as John calls it 'Horror Folk' and Whilst the album is still in the mixing stages, it looks set to be a a great treat.
So take some time out to read the interview I did with John and get a little insight into John J Presley.

Q1. How are you on this awful rainy day?

I'm not so bad thanks, yourself??

Q2.  I’ve done some research on you but the net doesn’t give much away. Give me a little insight into John J Presley.

Thats probably a good thing.... ha ha... I'm from a little village in the Midlands, and got out as soon as i could. I've played in many bands, some good, some not.  I was in a group called Vinny And The Curse, playing bass, lying low in the background, thats now disbanded and its time to get to the front again.

Q3. You have an EP out are you on the road to bringing out a full album?

Yes, i've just recorded an album in a beautiful studio called Voltalab that based in an old cotton mill in Rochdale. Just in the process of mixing. 

Q4.  How have things progressed since the release of the EP?

Pretty good...... Well received by the few people i dished it out to. It was a body of work i've had for a long time and really needed to put to bed... I went to a studio with a very open plan and a few good friends... 
Q5.  I want to ask about a personal experience. Is there any recent experience that you can think of that kind of...changed you or had an impact on you?

Musically yes. The first time i saw Duke Garwood play in a tiny pub in London. He blew me away. An absolute maestro.... Such control over his instrument, from dangerous feedback to beautifully delicate touching of his strings. Amazing! To top it off Josh T Pearson also played that night. I'd also just moved to London so it reminds me of that, i always seem to write a lot of material when i move to a new place... The first time i saw The Brute chorus too, Perfect.... 

Q6. On the writing side do you write lyrics from life experiences?

Yes most definitely, I twist them around though, I don't like things that are too obvious.   

Q7.  When you’re thinking of a song and when you have a song in your head, how do you go about making that song real. I hope that makes sense?

I either get a vocal/melody line going then stick either keys or guitar to it. Or the other was round. Then i introduce it to other people and instruments and see what happens...

Q8. Were there any main influences artistically when you were writing the EP?

I was listening to a lot of Nick Cave, Duke Garwood, Mark Lanegan.... Generally trying to bring depth to what i do..

Q9. So next year are you hoping to do a few festivals?

Yes i'll be there

Q10.  When you aren’t gigging what do you get up to?

I have quite a thing for classic useable cars. Mainly Mercedes Benz, I like gentlemans cars...

Q11. If you could give any advice to any band or singer trying to get ahead, what would you advice?

Stick to your guns and try to be a little different... and be nice, but not too nice...... And if its money you're after go and work for a bank......

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